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Our Services
Wellness Exams

Our doctors at Markeplace Animal Hospital provide wellness exams for all life stages of pets.  From your first visit with a new puppy or kitty needing their vaccination series our doctors will answer all of your questions and offer suggestions to help you care for your new family member.  They will also go over the importance of heartworm prevention, quality nutrition, training, and environmental enrichment.  During your pets middle age years the doctors will discuss additional prevention such as dental prophylaxis, weight management, and baseline blood profiles to help detect conditions that may arise in the future.  Senior pets are some of our favorites here at Marketplace Animal Hospital.   We enjoy discussing how to best make your pet comfortable as they age.  Taking radiographs, checking blood work, and suggesting pain medications or supplements can help us make your pets senior years enjoyable.   

Sick Visits

Unfortunately there may be a time when your pet is not feeling well.  We try very hard to get your pet in for same day appointments so we can do a thorough examination, do any necessary diagnostics, and work with you to move forward with an individualized treatment plan.  Sometimes lab work checking blood or urine will be needed so we can get an idea if your pet has any active infections.  Fecal testing provides us information on internal parasites and bacteria that could be making your pet ill.  We may also take radiographs to view internal organs, potential masses, or obstructions that could be contributing to your pet being uncomfortable.  In addition, we can administer your pet fluids, injections, medications, and good old fashion TLC to help nurse them back to health.  

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Surgical Procedures

Our doctors do surgery Monday through Friday at Marketplace Animal Hospital.  Spays, neuters, dental prophylaxis, and soft tissue surgeries are performed every day and are our most common type of procedures.  We also do eyelid, anal gland, bladder, and exploratory surgeries as well.  All patients scheduled for surgical or anesthetic procedures need to arrive at 7:00 am and fasted since 10:00 pm the night before (food and water) unless otherwise instructed.  Please allow about 10 minutes to get your pet checked in, paperwork filled out, and for us to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.  Most pets go home the same day of surgery, generally after 3:00 pm, but we will give you a better idea of pick up time when the doctor calls you after your pet is awake from anesthesia.

Digital Radiographs

We are very proud of our advanced digital radiography that we offer our clients and patients.  Our DR system delivers high quality, detailed images within 5 seconds of taking the x-ray.  That drastically cuts down on the time you wait in the exam room and the time your pet spends getting their radiographs taken.  We can also email the radiographs to the specialist in the event that your pet will need more involved care at a specialty or 24 hour care facility.  The doctors will show you exactly what they are finding on the radiographs and devise a treatment plan if indicated.  We also provide specialized dental radiographs for patients that are under anesthesia for dental procedures.  This critical portion of the dental cleaning process allows us to see the pathology under the gumline that is not evident just by looking at the tooth.


We offer Home Again microchips for your pets.  The actual microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted underneath your pet's skin around the shoulder blade area.  If your pet was lost, you would contact Home Again and they would start the recovery process for bringing your loved one back home to you.  Collars and tags can easily be lost or taken off, leaving your pet with no identifiable information.  Because Home Again microchips are detected by many different brands of chip scanning devices, you have an excellent chance of your pet being traced back to you.  In addition to pet tracking, your membership can include many other wellness benefits to help keep your pet safe.  For more information, check out their website:


We use our ultrasound machine here at Marketplace Animal Hospital for a variety of reasons.  It offers additional diagnostics to our digital radiography.  Many times we can detect masses, look for bladder stones, spot check a certain organ for abnormalities, or simply assist us in getting a sterile urine sample from your pet.  We can save video and images to your pet's personal file on the machine to reference in the future noting any changes that have taken place over time.  Keep in mind that we will need to completely shave the area that we will be looking at, so your pet will be returned to you with a "new haircut!"

Fully Stocked Pharmacy

When your pet is ill or is prescribed medication we all want them feeling better quickly.  That is why we keep a large variety of medications in our fully stocked pharmacy.  We often carry the same drug in capsules, tablets, liquid, or when possible, as an injectable.  Not all pets take their medication easily, so giving you choices as to how you would like to administer it increases the success rate dramatically.  We are also passionate about knowing where our medications come from.  The doctors at Marketplace Animal Hospital have forged great working relationships with our drug company representatives and distributors.  That is important because we know and trust exactly where our medications come from, how they were shipped (especially important if they must be shipped at a certain temperature), and how they are stored.  Having these drugs on hand when you come in for a visit with your pet eliminates the need for you to source them somewhere else.  Plus, we can show you how to correctly administer the first dose right here in the exam room, getting your pet's regimen started immediately.  


At Marketplace Animal Hospital we understand the importance of tailoring our medication and product suggestions specific to each client and patient.  That is why we carry a large variety of products, there is no "one size fits all".  Some clients may choose a topical flea prevention while others prefer a chewable or collar.  We have all options available to accommodate you, your budget, and your pet's lifestyle.  We also carry a variety of heartworm prevention from one month chewables to 12 month injectables.  Just speak to our doctors about what is right for your pet!  Our shelves are stocked with shampoos, joint supplements, pheromone sprays, collars, diffusers,  and a variety of other items to keep you and your pet happy.  We also have prescription Science Diet and Royal Canin diets and treats for those pets with specific medical conditions.

Our Online Pharmacy

We are excited to have an online pharmacy to provide medications for our patients that we may not carry in house.  This allows our clients to be able to get their pets medications from a trusted source and even set up autoship for reoccurring prescriptions.  Compounding is available for those hard to administer or difficult to source specialized medications.

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